Lucky Beaches on Kurt Cobain

Posted on 12 January 2012
By Lucky Beaches
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We asked rising musical talent Lucky Beaches for his thoughts on Kurt Cobain for our 1993 Future Throwback issue of Uber zine.

Luke, who releases music on his own Girl Records label, honed his musical prowess playing on both sides of the Atlantic, with Pop Levi in LA and now back in his native Liverpool wrote this powerful stream of consciousness on the Nirvana icon.

Lucky Beaches on Kurt Kobain…

The 90’s stood frighteningly close to the end of a century and something clearly had to change. But it didn’t. So the chief commander set about creating a new Elvis, naturally. Only this time oone that wouldn’t dance, one that was bored and so uninspired it simply oozed ‘nursery.’

Peer pressure was more rampant back then as nobody had a Facebook and social interaction had to be done at ‘the show.’ Can you imagine the fun people used to have back then? I can, but not really.

You can sift through myths and jack-off but we all know the truth sucks. Stories of punch-ups leading to friendships from sad British journalists desperately trying to find themselves, tales of big-faced American sluts self-harming and fucking themselves all the way to Breck Road! Can you believe it? Even if it’s true, can you believe it?

I say fuck everyone who didn’t write the lyrics, I’m sure Kurt would have said the same.

Who the fuck woud have wanted to live in a world like this anyway? Pretty much four years after his death the place was infested with GEEKS in trench-coats mumbling on about worlds-within-worlds-within-worlds-within your sleeping mind! Bullshit.

Within 10 years the world saw the internet leap from a smelly womb and kill both its parents in one fell swoop. We saw America bomb itself and witnessed the phenomenal selling of the human being. Even grandma’s consciousness was frantically raped by device.

Now there’s not much of ’93 left and in amidst the sickness of it all, it’s only natural. Promoters blaming bands, bands blaming audiences, industry blaming downloads, downloads blaming security and security scarier than ever. Spot checks, CCTV, sniffer dogs, log-ins…

I hope he did blow his head off, I think we all should.

This piece is an excerpt from the 1993 Future Throwback issue of Uber zine. Out now in Liverpool’s finest coffee shops, skater shops and men’s/ladies vintage shops.