Maleficent – Discover the Legacy video talks to Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning about upcoming movie

Posted on 23 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Maleficent finally hits the big screen and fans everywhere are excited to see their favourite fairytale told from the point of view of the villainess.

Recent trailers have give fans teasers of what to expect from the film, from Angelina Jolie’s enchanting performance as the sorceress, to the many animated creatures and beautiful settings.

Another video has been released, giving eager fans another look at the upcoming movie.

This latest video features interviews with Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning who plays the young princess Aurora.

They both explain their history with the film and how they grew up with the story.

‘We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty’ Angelina states, ‘But we’ve never known what happened before.’

Telling well known stories from the point of view of the villain is something that interests all of us and learning the backstory of one of Disney’s famous villains is something Disney fans and fairytale fanatics alike are looking forward to.

Ellie Fanning tells of how her reaction to Malificent as a little girl was not one of fear as one of a villain should be but she says

‘I was always intrigued with her.’

The video flips from interviews from the stars and members of the crew behind the film to scenes that we have previously seen in trailers.

We are also shown short clips of the animated version of Sleeping Beauty, in order to be given a quick view of some of the scenes that were used as inspiration for the movie.

Linda Woolverton, the screenwriter behind the film, explains her creative process behind the film.

‘It’s a reinvention, not just a retelling of the same story.’

Angelina Jolie finishes by explaining what she feels the film is trying to do for fans and how she feels the film will be greeted by audiences.

‘It’s very different from what people are going to expect.’

Maleficent will be hitting screens on May 28th.
Watch the video here now.