Star Wars Greedo Black Series Wave 2 – Uncanny Figure Review

Posted on 21 December 2013
By Dave Johnson
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The Rodian bounty hunter Greedo is most famous for being at the centre of the hotly disputed Star wars controversy – who shot first, Han or Greedo?

The question alone makes him a must have character for fans who are undoubtedly eager to put their own spin on the infamous cantina scene.

The movie prosthetics used in A New Hope have been easily recreated by Hasbro to give the figure an uncanny likeness.

The use of rubber for Greedo’s fingers and hair is a practical touch in helping to position the blaster in his hands. This is something that could have proven a problem if his digits were made from a more rigid plastic.

Greedo is also fully articulating, with ball joints to help pose the figure. He is capable of a full range of motion, but unfortunately movement is slightly restricted around his ab-crunch and head joints by his jacket, which could potentially limit the poses available to him.

A movie accurate paint job helps put the finishing touches to the character. The sculpt features the faded browns and blues we remember from the screen, which has all been finished off nicely with a paint wash to give his clothes seem dusty – The perfect look for any member of the hive of scum and villainy.

Greedo’s eyes have also been finished with a high gloss metallic paint that helps them pop with a bug effect against the muted colours on his clothes.

Finally, Greedo comes with his famous blaster which can be stored in his removable holster. Some might argue that this seems limited compared to some other characters featuring in the Black Series, but with Greedo what more do you need?

Greedo is definitely one of the highest anticipated characters in the Black Series, but you do have to question his worth without his old buddy Han to pose with.