Purple Revolver magazine making workshop – Bay TV (video)

Posted on 10 March 2014
By Carlton Whitfield
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Purple Revolver hosted a Liverpool magazine making workshop at FACT for the city’s aspiring publishing creatives and Bay TV were on hand to capture the action.

The session was free to attend and explored writing and design techniques for magazines, cut and paste style for DIY zines and encouraged participants to create their own.

Editor Andy Johnson took the participants through various techniques and styles, discussing whether it’s best to have a clean and dynamic art led front cover or to entice the reader with headlines of what’s inside.

The workshop was supported by Liverpool Vision and you can watch Liverpool Bay TV’s video report of the magazine workshop below:

Purple Revolver published a DIY fanzine called Uber in recent years, there are some back issues still available here:

You can read an interview by zine authority Teal Triggs with Uber’s creators here: http://www.purplerevolver.com/bulletin/the-method/122258-zine-weekly-teal-triggs-interviews-ber-zine-editors-.html