House of Suarez Vogue Ball 10th anniversary

Posted on 17 October 2016
By Alison Wall
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Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Vogue Ball was more popular than ever. From the minute your foot past the entrance, the music took over.

The whole place was buzzing and alive. It was the kind of music that you could feel pounding in your chest. The atmosphere was like no other.

The House of Suarez Vogue Ball is quite unlike its name. If you’d never been before you would expect formal dresses and ‘sophisticated’ dancing but what you get is the complete opposite.

Located in an abandoned warehouse on Regent Road, the place had been transformed into ‘The Invisible Wind Factory’ covered in flashing lights and a huge runway.

It’s hard to believe that something which started a decade ago on only a £1,200 budget has developed into something so huge and admired.

This year’s theme was ‘Icons’ including the people and places that have influenced the company.

There was a reference to major icons we’ve lost such as Prince and David Bowie, but also the icons who are still alive such as Beyoncé.

The audience were lured into the show as it was introduced by the director, Darren Suarez when he said: “What you are about to see is next level.”

One by one, each ‘house’ gave its performance and over the course of 5 categories, the judges picked a winner. It was based on choreography, style and the audience reaction.

Outfits were classically over the top and dramatic. Ranging from bodysuits, leather, feather and glitter, all fitting in perfectly with the theme. The heels were to die for. Quite literally, you could break you neck in them.

Although it’s hard to say what was better, the real snake that was draped over someone’s shoulder or the countless amounts of shirtless men.

Forget everything you’ve seen on a standard catwalk, because this is ten times the energy. It’s exactly the kind of place you want to be on a Saturday night.

The first half was filled with basic EDM music, and the second half played current pop hits. For your first time, it’s not what you’d expect of a runway.

People, come ready and prepare for a party!