7 fashion trends you need this spring

Posted on 1 March 2024
By Mollie Savage
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Spring is fast approaching, which means it’s nearly time to ditch the winter coat and show off some new styles as the days are getting finally getting longer.

We’ve had a look at the hottest Spring 2024 must have wardrobe additions, to get you through this next season, right up until the summer sun.

1.)   High Rise Trousers

Low waisted jeans have been trending for a while now, but the high rise is back. A perfect fit for any occasion. This includes office wear, days out and dinner. More women are choosing to wear them as the style of trousers are taking over the runways.

2.)     Bows

Bows are becoming increasingly popular amongst Gen Z. This trend has not only been spotted in hairstyles, but also as an accessory to clothing and even home décor. It’s possible that major popstars such as Gracie Abrams and Sabrina Carpenter have influenced many, as they’ve been wearing a lot of bows whilst touring with Taylor Swift recently, more and more girls are choosing to add a bow to their everyday  style.

3.)    Leopard Print

There has been a noticeable rise in girls choosing to wear the leopard print pattern, including leopard print dresses, trousers, coats and bags. It is popular for its bold aesthetic, however some ladies are finding it difficult to style with other items, but many love the confidence it brings.


Tights have been spotted all over the runways and are becoming a trendy clothing choice in outfits. Polka dot style and white lace tights especially ! It’s being titled the ‘when we are young’ comeback, as it reminds a lot of girls about how they dressed in the early 2000’s. The tights are being proven fun to style and reminisce.

5.)     Adidas  Shoes

New Balance was the pair of shoes needed for a successful wardrobe over the last couple years. But  Addias Gazelles, Sambas and Spezials are the new trendy shoes on the rise. It could definitely be argued that the likes of Harry Styles have influenced the rise in the style of shoe, after the Gazelle’s were nicknamed ‘Satellite stompers’ during his tour in 2023. Others have nicknamed Addias to be the new trendy ‘dad shoe.’

6.)     Ballerina Flats

Another shoe that’s taking over are the ballerina flats.  The Aloha strappy flats are becoming more and more popular – especially in red. They are a cute pair of shoes that are comfortable and, once again, are reminding girls of the early 2000s, fashion trends are truly on the repeat at the moment.

7.)     Trench coats

What’s spring without  a trench coat to combat the wet weather? At Saint Laurent fashion show, many models were spotted styling the coat. Off the runway, high street shops such as H&M have seen an increase in the number of coats that they are selling in stores. Cropped trench coats are also creeping into fashion.