Goon release John Carpenter inspired single “Gravedigger” for Halloween

Posted on 31 October 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Los Angeles grunge-pop rockers Goon have released a new John Carpenter inspired single for Halloween.

“Gravedigger” was written and recorded with a supposedly “possessed” Casiotone CT-630, given to frontman Kenny Becker’s mother by his grandmother a year before he was born. He grew up playing with the haunted instrument.

When asked about the writing of “Gravedigger” Becker claims, “I was merely the conduit through which the Casio’s spirit could engage this mortal plane of existence.”

The eerie video was shot around South Pasadena, Michael Myer’s old hunting grounds…

Goon is the project of LA-based musician and visual artist Kenny Becker. With a medical condition that periodically deadens his sense of smell and hearing, Becker began writing songs as a means of making the most of his life when those symptoms were absent. The results, Dusk of Punk, are a murky blend of smoldering guitars, melodic hooks, and batter-ram rhythms that serve as the musical translations of a mind that’s routinely betrayed by its own body.

Their debut EP Dusk of Punk pushes the boundaries of standard “lo-fi” music with both it’s diversity in songwriting and it’s somehow incredibly layered composition. The production is lo-fi but incredibly full and lush sounding. Their songs are loud and fuzzed out but are anchored down by beautiful harmonies. Even acoustic based songs are rounded out by delicate synths, drum machines or the occasional radio sample. The end result is a diverse and incredibly complex record that evolves with each listen.