The Mono LP’s – Gig review – Buyers Club Liverpool

Posted on 4 November 2016
By Lauren Evans
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Liverpool’s rock’n’roll quartet, The Mono LP’s, are keen and ready to hit shop shelves with their debut album, ‘States of Decay’.

The Mono LP’s are a casually cool rock band with a twist of a cello taking pride and joy within their music. Unusual, but it works.

This Thursday night the Buyers Club, Liverpool, was blessed with the exclusive album launch party for their long awaited album. The audience were in great anticipation to hear the album live as most people were family, friends or fans.

The night began with two talented Liverpool acts: Salta Mai and Katie Mac. This was the perfect opportunity for the crowd to get into the ‘gig zone’ with a drink from the bar, buzzing from the build-up to the main event.

The Mono LP’s took to the stage with a hell of a hit to the speakers with ‘Cherry Red Lips’. It was fire. The energy from the quartet was pulsing.

Considering frontman Ste Reid and cello player Vicky Mutch performed at the very same venue 12 years ago and prior to bassist Chris Barlow and drummer Daniel Beach joining the group, they still admitted: “We’re quite nervous. But it makes us feel safe performing to our hometown.”

Performing all of the songs from ‘States of Decay’, a crowd favourite was ‘Emilia’ which is a striking song with a rush of adrenaline which fits in well with the other 10 timeless tracks.

Their latest single ‘L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E’ reminds the listeners of a mini ballad, especially live when the passion of Ste’s vocals is right in front of you.

Vicky, who utterly owns the cello on stage, told us of how she has played the stunning string since she was 7 years old. This is no word of a lie as the cello practically possessed her through its rich, powerful sounds.

The night was a success, but concluding with ‘The Work Song’ wasn’t enough for the audience as they demanded more. An unexpected encore song of Stevie Wonder’s classic ‘Superstition’ was the cherry on top of a celebratory night for The Mono LP’s.

‘States of Decay’ is now available to pre-order: