LIMF Artist Interview 2017: Sugarmen

Posted on 24 July 2017
By Lois Warrington
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The eagerly awaiting crowd assembled at the itsLiverpool stage to absorb the stimulating sounds from Sugarmen on Saturday at the Liverpool International Music Festival.

The lads brought the rain to Sefton Park, though that didn’t phase the fans as two excited girls screamed “splendid!” into the eyes of frontman Luke Fenlon.

Scousers do love their curls after all. With their slick grooves, tortuous sound and ingenious lyrics, Sugarmen are brewing a special storm everyone should keep their eye on.

I caught up with the band to talk Local Freaks, old fellas and what’s next.

PR: How did you guys think your performance went? You guys brought the rain!

Sam: Really well!
Luke: We bring the rain wherever we go.

PR: Have you guys been doing a lot of gigs recently?

Luke: We did a tour recently!
Chay: We are supporting The Jesus and Mary Chain soon.

PR: Who are your influences?

All: Echo and the Bunnymen.
All (again): The Velvet Underground
Chay: Orange Juice
Sam: Talking Heads
Luke: The Clash

PR: You say you’ve got something coming up album wise, tell me more about that.

Chay: Yeah we’ve got one more single coming out then an album on Modern Sky Records and Sire Records in the US. Sire Records is the record label, which have Talking Heads, Ramones and Madonna.

PR: Loved your song “Local Freaks” was that referencing the same type of people as your screaming girl fans?

Chay: Hahah no, it’s not about anything like that actually. It’s about identity really and how people can struggle with it, we wanted something that expressed that.

PR: Where is the next gig?

Sam: The Jesus and Mary Chain!
Chay: 21st September, Liverpool Olympia then the 25th September The Foundry, Sheffield.

Will there be many screaming girls there?
All: No probably old fellas.
Chay: That’s our fan base.
Sam: Tom’s not here to say this but he’s actually a fan of the older type!