Asian Dub Foundation performing their live score to George Lucas THX 1138 in Liverpool

Posted on 19 October 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Musical innovators Asian Dub Foundation will perform their latest live soundtrack to George Lucas’ 1971 visionary cult sci-fi classic THX 1138 at nine venues nationwide this October, following its UK premiere at the Barbican on 19th June.


17th Usher Hall Edinburgh
18th Sage Gateshead
19th Bridgewater Hall Manchester
20th Philharmonic Hall Liverpool
21st Colston Hall Bristol
23rd Corn Exchange Cambridge
24th The Anvil Basingstoke
26th Royal Concert Hall Nottingham
27th Brighton Dome Brighton

Retaining much of Lalo Schiffrin’s distinctive score and soundtrack, Asian Dub Foundation’s sparse and beautiful new interpretation creates a memorable live experience to Lucas’ chilling, stylistic dystopian fantasy where mood-stabilising drugs are mandatory, sex is prohibited, and a young Robert Duval rages against the system. Talking about the project for the Barbican podcast, Steve Savale of ADF says, “after the success of Battle of Algiers and La Haine I wanted to find a film that’s technically possible to rescore so that audiences can actually watch the film and experience the music live… it was very important to respect the avant-garde, classical, discordant soundtrack that’s there – by one of my great all-time heroes Lalo Schiffrin – where the only melodic instrument is the flute – so Nathan “Flutebox” Lee’s interpretation of those discordant strings is very relevant to the film – it represents the emotion.”

About the film, Savale is struck by its prescience: “it’s got religious fundamentalism, mad out of control consumerism and a totalitarian centralised computerised system of domination – I think all of those things exist now”.

Meanwhile the new ADF album ‘More Signal More Noise’ is released via Believe Recordings on Friday 10th July 2015 on LP/CD/DL.

‘More Signal More Noise’ showcases a band shot-through with a new found sense of positive energy, militancy and purpose. Recorded in just three days straight to tape by a thoroughly tour drilled band, and mixed in another three, its urgency and pure joyousness shine through on the finished record.

The story of ADF’s rejuvenation begins in 2012 when the band agreed to Secret Cinema’s subversive request to re-stage their live soundtrack to Mathieu Kassovitz’s ‘La Haine’ (originally performed at the Barbican in 2001) at London’s notorious Broadwater Farm Housing Estate – a fitting setting for a film about urban dislocation, given that it was on the spot of one of the UK’s most infamous riots. The white heat of that show acted as a catalyst to cement the line-up that made this record – founding guitarist Steve Savale re-joined by original members Dr Das (Bass) and Rocky Singh (drums), and former vocalist Ghetto Priest returning to the line-up for the first time in a decade. Alongside Aktarv8r and new recruit Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee, the band has once again become a force.

“I think we sound more alive here than on our previous records,” says Savale. We’re uniting stuff that are not often united, radical creativity with a raw primitivism, the primitive experimentalism of the best leftfield rock’n’roll, the best dirty, up-front bass music.” – Tune into both the signal and the noise, and prepare to have your mind blown, and your dancefloor torn up.