Long awaited Family Guy and The Simpsons crossover is announced

Posted on 15 May 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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The Simpsons was in it’s prime back in the 90s but it’s becoming harder and harder for the comedy cartoon to compete with other similar shows.

This is the reason behind the multiple stunts the show has been pulling recently.

Following the success of The Lego Movie, an entire episode of The Simpsons was transformed into a lego episode.

Even with these stunts, only 3.5 million viewers tuned into the last aired episode.

Although this sounds a lot, this is the lowest audience the show has ever had.

Now, the show is set to combine the Simpsons family and the Griffins family for their first official meeting.

The hour long special was announced by Kevin Reilly, the chief of entertainment at Fox at the network’s annual upfront presentation and will focus on the story of the Griffins having to leave Spooner Street and move to Springfield.

Pictures released depict some of the scenes we can look forward to, such as Bart and Stewie skateboarding after Stewie becomes obsessed with Bart’s antics.

Other subplots include Lisa trying to help Meg find something she is good at and Lois and Marge dropping their housewifely duties.

There hasn’t been any discussion in what part Chris or Brian will play in the new episode, or it can be assumed that Brian will interact with Santa’s Little Helper at some point.

As well as this episode in an attempt to boost numbers, Fox have also released an app made with FX Networks which will allow simpsons fans to stream every episode straight to their phone or tablet.

The app is set to be released in August, around the time that the show will premier on FXX, FXs comedy network spin off.

You can view the released pictures here and the episode is set to air later this year in September.