Warner Brothers announces Godzilla sequel

Posted on 20 May 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Although Godzilla has not been out for very long, there are already talks of a sequel and Aaron Taylor-Johnson thinks his character will be taking a back seat.

‘I don’t know where they’ll go with it, to be honest. If anything, you know, it would be sort of cooler if it was ten years down the line and my son is somehow involved, you know what I mean. ‘

The film has already earned Warner Brothers $196 million and for a $160 million budget, that’s not half bad.

The main complaint that fans are making about the film, besides Godzilla looking a little on the large side, is that we don’t see a lot of the monster in the film, making it more about the Brody family. Could this be something they take on board if the sequel gets the go ahead?

Warner Brothers have released no details about the plot of the film or the character focus, all we have is that a sequel is on the horizon.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays a soldier in the movie has given his opinion on what the focus of the sequel could be about.

‘It would be really interesting to see it take place somewhere else, like there’s some disaster somewhere else in the world. And if I’m involved then, you know, I’m in the military, so there is a chance of being called out somewhere in the Middle East or something. That could be kind of interesting, I suppose.’

He mentioned a possible appearance of the moth monster Mothra who has appeared in several films in the Godzilla franchise.

There is infact an Easter Egg for the Mothra when Ford and his father return to their home in search for important files needed to explain the accident at the beginning of the film.
A smashed terrarium shows a label of the monster and a large dead moth inside.

Although this may have just been a nod to the other films in the franchise, this could be a possible lead for the mysterious sequel.

Godzilla is in cinemas now.