Halloween cancelled – Demon Chuck sees show stopped at VideOdyssey – (watch trailer)

Posted on 31 October 2020
By Andy Johnson
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So… it’s that night on that time of year! And the good folks and ghouls at VideOdyssey have been stirring up the witches brew for your pleasure.

Demon Chuck, who you can see introduce the squad at the film studio turned immersive cinema in the video portal here, was lined up to host the evenings shenanigans.

Yes, they’ve been hard at work behind the scenes at the UK’s last video shop and studio – cranking up the evil machine to entertain you with all manner of nefarious delights.

But, alas, to coin Bojo’s fave meandering speech – pause filling word… Boris and co have thrown a prickly Tory thorn in the side of Liverpool and in turn, Chuck’s dreams to entertain you with live music and sketches on the VideOdyssey YouTube channel.

Yes, we were due to hear the musical delights of the Scouser Things band, the amazing creative force that brought the Stranger Things immersive event to life. One of VideOdyssey’s best nights ever.

So, fear not – on the other side of all this darkness this team of Video Nasties are determined to make you laugh through the worst.

Stay tuned! Chuck will be back…
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Browse the shelves and walls of VHS, go and play some classic 80s and 90s arcade games and feel the healing power of nostalgia. Oh, no wait – sorry you can’t! Freakin’ lockdown!

But when we can go out again together, come and witness the tsunami of supreme nostalia and analogue culture that hides within the cracks at VideOdyssey Studios, Toxteth TV.