Ghostbusters 3 – alternate takes reveal classic movie could have been called Ghoststoppers

Posted on 16 May 2014
By Jack Pearson
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New behind the scenes outtake clips from the original Ghostbusters shoot have surfaced, revealing that the film could have been called Ghostblasters or even Ghoststoppers.

The clips give us an interesting insight into the acting and the behind the scenes processes of making movies, which children of the 80s and 90s used to enjoy in TV making of specials. But now take shape as DVD and Blu Ray extras.

They make for an enjoyable watch and here’s hoping they make it into the upcoming Ghostbusters 30th anniversary Blu Ray release.

It’s a joy to watch a clearly shy Harold Ramis take some encouragement from Bill Murray and fellow writer Dan Ackroyd.

One marvel that sticks out is how Bill Murray delivers his lines over and over again with ice cold consistency.

It’s also interesting to hear Ivan Reitman give direction from behind the camera to the actors:
“Nice big smile, Bill!”

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