Ed Sheeran’s new song for The Hobbit applauded by fans

Posted on 8 November 2013
By Rebecca Baker
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Move over Enya and Annie Lennox, ginger sensation Ed Sheeran has taken cyber space by storm with his new song I See Fire.

Fans of the English singer song-writer exploded on Twitter after the singer revealed his latest release would feature on the second installation of The Hobbit film.

He Tweeted: “I very happy to announce I have written and recorded the end credits song for the new Hobbit movie The Desolation of Smaug.”

Fans congratulated Jackson on his music choice and on Ed’s performance for the sequel, which will be released in the UK on 13th December.

Whilst filming pick ups for the trilogy, the dream team at WETA Digital tried to find a new singing talent that could match Annie Lennox’s Oscar winner Into the West, the song for the end credits of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

With hits like The A Team and Lego House, Sheeran’s talents were bought to the attention of the director by his daughter Katie Jackson.

After a string of speedy emails between the director and the singer, Sheeran flew to Wellington NZ to watch Jackson’s latest creation.

The same day Ed wrote, performed and recorded I See Fire – impressive!

Sheeran’s first attempt at playing the violin adds the Tolkienesque element the song needed – or as Jackson put it: “It’s very important that the song feels right for the world of the movie – and also carries the emotional resonance of the end of that particular film”.

The perfect contemporary accompaniment for Howard Shore’s mythically haunting soundtrack, could Sheeran be another Oscar winner for the Tolkien canon?

Ed’s song is now available on itunes.