Zine Weekly: Teal Triggs interviews Ãœber zine editors

Posted on 19 April 2012
By Pierce King
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Purple Revolver’s underground culture zine Über has been featured in a profile interview with respected Fanzine authority Teal Triggs on her website Zine Weekly.

Zine Weekly blog focusses on the art of zine making and zinesters. Teal puts Editors Amber Tan and Andy Johnson on the spot about the future of Über and the tension between running a commercial creative press agency and creating a zine with a DIY ethos.

Read the zine definition interview here…

Über is a cut and paste zine in the 90s style and has featured interviews with Mark Ronson, Is Tropical, The RZA, Quentin Tarantino, Howard Marks and Craig Charles amongst others.

The zine has introduced the story of lost Superhero Digital Jesus and his struggle to discover his identity within the middle pages of the past two issues.

The zine also explores themes and theories and their effect on movements in culture including the recent 18 year cycle business and culture theory – featured in the 1993 Future Throwback Issue.
Browse and buy back issues… http://eightfold.myshopify.com/collections/all/zine

Teal Triggs is an avid fanzine collector and professor of graphic design at the University of the Arts London and author of the book: Fanzines – The DIY Revolution, which Purple Revolver highly recommends…

Purple Revolver also champions the cause of running a zine library. For anybody interested in the process of zine printing, zine workshops or zine cuture we recommend:
For zine library UK – Salford Zine Library and Bristol Zine Library in Shop, Christmas Steps.
For zine library US – Boston zine library – the Papercut Zine Library and the Toronto Zine Library.