Finishing touches: how to pick the perfect wedding jewellery

Posted on 6 November 2018
By Pierce King
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If you’re getting married soon and you’re starting to think of what jewellery you need to wear with your wedding dress, there are a number of things to consider.

Your wedding day jewellery is the finishing touch to the outfit that you’ve been dreaming of wearing since you were a little girl, so you need to get it right. With that in mind, we share some of our top tips on how to pick the perfect wedding jewellery.

Less is more

Not everyone needs to look like a fairy tale princess on their wedding day. It’s considered a little old fashioned these days for brides to be covered from head to toe with bling. Instead, just a couple of statement pieces is all it takes to achieve the elegant look you desire. If you’re wearing a tiara, then you won’t need a big necklace.

Similarly, if you’re wearing a big necklace, you can tone down the earrings. You probably don’t want to be wearing any extra rings either, as your engagement ring and new wedding ring should be getting all the attention.

Match your metal

You may have found your perfect match in the person you’re going to marry, but have you found the perfect match when it comes to your dress and your choice of metal? If you’re wearing a brilliant white dress, then silvers are going to look best.

On the other hand, golds will look better with cream or ivory, as it helps bring out the colour of the material. If, however, you’re going for a blush dress, take a look at some rose gold jewellery to keep in theme with your material.

Consider your material

If you’re wearing a dress which is lace, embellished or has a lot of attention to detail, then you don’t want to draw people’s attention away from it with big, flashy jewellery. It’ll all get a bit too much. Instead, opt for something delicate and simple to compliment the detail.

You might not need a necklace with such a dress, but that means you could go for a stunning pair of diamond earrings. Alternatively, if you’ll be wearing a dress with a much simpler design, then you have the freedom to wear more detailed and prominent jewellery.

Reflect your personality

Ultimately, you’ve got to wear whatever suits you best. If you’re someone who wears a lot of jewellery in your day-to-day, then it’s only right that you should wear a similar amount on your wedding day too.

But if you hardly every wear jewellery, then don’t feel like you have to just because you’re getting married. Yes, it’s nice to transform yourself on your big day, but it’s more important that you stay true to who you are and wear jewellery that reflects that.