Kardashian Kids clothing line – best dressed babies in town

Posted on 8 April 2014
By Amy Shaw
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We’ve seen the unstoppable force of the Kardashian Empire explode during recent years, not only onto our television screens, but also into the world of fashion and beauty.

Although they appeared to have covered all bases (with even the sock line of less popular brother Rob taking off) the LA based clan have managed to put their stamp on yet another area of the industry.

It was inevitable that the kids of the Kardashian family were soon to have a heavy influence over the brand, and was only a matter of time before the girls launched their own children’s clothing line, Kardashian Kids.

The line, fronted largely by eldest sibling and mother of two Kourtney, is everything you would expect from a collection designed by the three sisters who are famed for their glitzy lifestyles.

Nothing short of glamorous, the line boasts tonnes of leopard print and delicate lace detail, something which would be a sure hit amongst young adults but is slightly more controversial when aimed at babies.

They have even included a pair of faux leather leggings for the youngsters, which Kourtney insists are actually half cotton, leaving ‘plenty of room to breathe’.

The pieces are on sale at popular retailer Babies’R’us and all go for under $29, which is refreshingly affordable and leaves the target audience wide open.

Drawing on her own experience as a mother, one of Kourtney’s main aims with the line was to keep things unisex, as she often passes down clothes from her eldest child Mason to his little sister Penelope – which of course she finds to be a very ‘cute’ idea.