How to choose the right sunglasses

Posted on 29 June 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to get yourself a new pair of sunglasses. Apart from providing protection against ultraviolet rays, this small accessory can also add some eccentricity and refinement to your style. So why not approach such matter as choosing sunglasses seriously? In this article, we’ll explain how to choose sunglasses correctly.

Material for sunglasses

The type of material used for lenses should be a primary criterion when choosing sunglasses, as health is more important than style or image. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from bright sunlight but also block the ultraviolet (though only glass lenses do so). It’s worth noting that small-sized glasses (whether glass or plastic ones) are unlikely to give you enough protection from the sunlight, though they may look stylishly.
Traditionally, glass lenses are considered better than plastic ones: they provide great protection against ultraviolet radiation and don’t distort the image when looking through them. Besides, glass is more resistant to scratches, but it makes sunglasses more fragile and heavier than plastic ones.
Quality plastic can be a good alternative for glass. Special additives and coatings used for making plastic eyeglasses give additional protection from the sun. Sunglasses made of this material are lighter and more practical than glass ones. A slight distortion of the image you see through them is the only drawback of plastic sunglasses.

When choosing sunglasses (with glass lenses), you should pay attention to the markings on them. UV-A and UV-B show the degree of protection against ultraviolet rays, with “B” rays being considered the most harmful.

Color of sunglasses

As a rule, the choice of the color of sunglasses depends on your personal preferences. But besides this, it’s useful to know how different shades affect the perception of the surrounding world. For example, the pink shade adversely affects the psyche. The most optimal are the shades of dark gray and dark green: in the first case, the color transfer is true to life; in dark-green sunglasses, the eyes get less tired, being protected from harmful rays better than in glasses of other colors.

There are also a couple of important things that should be considered when choosing sunglasses. Glasses with a mirror effect are designed to eliminate glare when looking at sea water or snow. The lenses, which are darkened mainly in the upper part, work great if you need to protect yourself only from the bright sunlight from above. But this often leads to rapid eye fatigue, so it’s better for the glasses to be darkened evenly.

Fashionable frames and the choice of style

The main rule is pretty simple – if you feel comfortable and confident in the sunglasses you try on, it’s the best option for you. If you can’t make a choice on your own, be sure to use the following recommendations.

There may be different kinds of frames for each type of face, but the general rule is one: the upper bound of the glasses should be in one line with the eyebrows. As for other attributes, sunglasses allow you to visually adjust the shape of your face.
For blondes, frames of black, gold, and silver colors suit better, brunettes and brown-haired people can try brown, red, and gold color frames. Rousse ones will look interesting in copper or gold-colored frames.

Whichever glasses you choose, they should match your clothes as an additional accessory. You can choose any bright frame, but if you don’t need excessive attention, then the classic version is the best choice for you. Aviator sunglasses, which cover most of the face and temples, are still one of the most popular ones.

Now that you chose a nice stylish pair of sunglasses, the only thing that remains is to pack your stuff and find a beautiful companion for your vacation (more about it here).