It’s heating up with The Usual Boys’ new single ‘Love Supreme’

Posted on 3 November 2021
By Khyle Deen
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Based within the industrial panorama of Berlin, The Usual Boys emerge as the city’s fresh-faced pointers for the boisterous revival of 70s rock meets 80s new wave. With support from DIY’s Neu for their last single First Date, the group returns with another tempting jangle rock offering, Love Supreme.

The Usual Boys are different fruits hanging from the same tree. Individually hailing from the UK, Finland and Sweden, the group had its genesis in 2017 on arriving at their German rendezvous. Despite growing up in worlds apart, they were unified by a shared mission to cut through the noise and breathe life back into the indie-rock landscape.

Equally inspired by the white heat of disco as the perverted dirge of the Berlin club scene, The Usual Boys’ repertoire is riveting. Cut with angular high-end and bone-shaking bass, a dark yet playful take on a young man’s ascent into adulthood is underpinned throughout.

With the release of their latest track Love Supreme, the Berlin-based foursome have honed in on crafting music synonymous of a risqué dive bar romance. Wailing violin and sultry riffs flirt unapologetically between the half-sung poetry of frontman Aleksi Oksanen, creating the dense and heated atmosphere of an inconceivable romance. Another punchy short, this erotic, blues-driven scuffle is a matchless example of instrumentation speaking what’s unspoken.

They say Love Supreme is “A drunken, throbbing song of a man whose eyes catch someone across the room that can’t quite seem to escape his mind. The shrieking violin and piercing guitar cry out on a night where confusion and lust seem to go hand in hand.”

Love Supreme drops on 12th November 2021 via Something Beautiful Recordings