Great Escape this weekend: Purple Revolver’s hot picks

Posted on 12 May 2010
By Sean Young
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The Great Escape festival is only days away, offering more bands than you can shake a dead donkey at. Assuming the lack of a dead donkey – we’ll do you a favour and highlight a few bands for you.

Running through Thursday 13th to saturday 15th May, spanning 30 venues across Brighton. If you want to get in on the action, here’s some of the bands we’re tipping for some good performances.

We’ll kick start the list with Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster who’ll be playing the main set on the Thursday from 8pm.

This Psychosis rock band has been around for over a decade and are well seasoned with live performances, playing the Leeds festival for many years and supporting mainstream bands such as; System of a Down, Placebo and Queens of the Stoneage. Plus when a band plays in their home town you’re pretty much guarunteed a good show.

The band have also released a new single today, Love Turns to Hate, which will be closely followed by their new album Blood on Fire, which is set to be released on the May 17. With a new album being released so close to this gig, there’s a great chance of hearing new material.

The next band to look out for is Pulled Apart by Horses, who’ll be playing a half an hour set on the Thursday in Concorde 2 at 9:15pm.

They’ve already made their mark on the indie scene, with their debut single Meat Balloon ranking at #18 in the UK indie charts. You can expect a distinct disco flavour from them with some energetic drum beats… you can also expect a bloodied band member or two.

Pulled Apart by Horses are known to deliver wild performances usually ending up with at least one of the band member walking away with some sort of injury.

Thirdly, we have our eye on Dead Confederate, who’ll be playing the Pavilion Theatre on Friday at 9:40pm. Their music style is a hybrid of country and grunge, with a distinct Nirvana influence.

Their debut single The Rat reached #39 in the US charts in February last year. Although they only released their first album in 2008 the band appeared on the Athens music scene in 2006 and the members have been performing together since high school under the name Redbelly.

Finally, we recommend that you guys watch out for Jaguar Love, who’ll be playing The Hope at 11pm on Thursday. The band can be described as an alt-rock super-group, being formed by members of Pretty Girls Make Graves and Blood Brothers.

Although the style of music leans more towards indie-rock, they boast a pretty damn unique sound with diverse influences ranging from Jay-Z, to Weezer, to The Smiths.

Although the band has seen some changes in style and members over the last year, they’re still a must see.

Well that pretty much covers it. After our very generous suggestions, you’ve only got another 350 or so bands to sift through… happy hunting.