Ellie Goulding’s contribution to 50 Shades soundtrack

Posted on 8 January 2015
By Faye Smith
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The wait is nearly over for Fifty Shades of Grey fans everywhere. It’s a mere 36 days until Mr Christian Grey will see you at silver screens across the world.

With the heat and the anticipation rising, 50 Shades devotees are grasping any piece of new information about the R-rated film.

The latest is that Ellie Goulding has released her song that appears on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.

The title: ‘Love Me Like You Do”.

When you think of the nature of the novels (if you’re reading this article then you must have read Anna and Christian’s saucy story), it reflects the unique love that each character has for the other.

Some online blogs have said that it’s not sexy enough and asks where the reference to the red room is.

Clearly – hopefully – the film will portray the uncanny, senseless, undying love between the two diverse characters which is what is suggested in the lyrics.

Goulding’s song talks of “cure” and “pain” as well as “touch”, “paradise” and “fire” – a lot of the things that is evoked in the feelings.

Yes, everyone is excited about how much we will actually see of the whips, chains and various other S&M, and yes, what goes on in that red room and that lift will be jaw-dropping, we hope.

However, we still need to remember that Fifty Shades of Grey is still a love story – when we get past the act of submission.

That is what Goulding’s song talks about so in the end it is a great choice.

Beyoncé’s music has been heavily used in the film’s trailers. She has a sexy voice so it can’t be helped.

Plus, fans have already heard The Weekend’s contribution online.

We await the full soundtrack list because we think it’s going to be a good one.

Fifty Shades of Grey is out in UK cinemas on Valentine’s Day.