The Big Pink’s Milo Cordell mixtape review

Posted on 29 October 2010
By Oliver Logan
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The Big Pinks Milo Cordell has gone old school and created a mix tape for German super label !K7.

The artwork that sleeves this release is all Cordell’s own work and is perhaps the strongest feature of this compilation, with the wacky psychedelic animals and The Big Pinks’ name emblazoned across the top in Disney script letters. It really is eye-catching.

But the colourful, child-like aesthetic Cordell has gone for outside is in stark opposition to the dark, oppressive songs he has tried to amalgamate on the CD. This may be deliberate on his part, trying to be clever and paradoxical perhaps, but it just doesn’t marry.

The only way to judge a man’s mixtape, is by it’s highs and lows- so…

The lows are many unfortunately, the opening track for instance, Slow Dancing by GR✝LLGR✝LL, sounds like some obscure Hindi track you would hear receiving some painful massage therapy. Except this song has been distorted and warped to a point where it is unpleasant to listen to, instant deflation for what is to come next.

Most of the tracks adhere to this pattern, strange bastardised mediation music and background noise- might as well mention the main offenders: Actress- Hubble, Sewn Leather- Smoke ov the Pink, ZVA- Nothing. Nothing indeed.

There are some songs worthy of a second listen however, it is not all doom and gloom from this release which has apparently drawn on the influences of witch-core and electro haunt bands.

The best songs are the integrated dubstep tracks which add a bit of formula to the madness. Joker’s Snake Eater rings like a mutant dubstep gem, full of venom and wobbly bass lines to make your eyes water. It really does break from the monotony and weirdness of the rest of the CD.

Balam Acab’s See Bird and jj’s See Birds are also credible mixtape inclusions. See Bird in particular, which opens with whistles and bells like an old western is quite a treat and the female vocals are exceptional.

I suppose a mixtape is exactly that, a mixed bag of all sorts, but still there is no explanation for the sheer disparateness of each track that follows in this offering from The Big Pink. It lacks the cohesiveness to make it a truly memorable listen, or worthy of anything more than a moments disinterest.

The comp is 19 songs from start to finish as well, 14 songs too long by my calculations.