K-OS – Yes! Album review

Posted on 8 June 2010
By Sammy Maine
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You know the feeling when you eat just that little bit more ice cream than you should have and you end up feeling sick for the rest of the evening?

Too much of a good thing springs to mind, and that is exactly what Yes! has managed to achieve.

K-OS has created a mish mash genre of hip hop, reggae, indie, pop and even electronica over the years, but Yes! leaves a mish mash impression.

The album starts off promisingly, with Zambony echoing funky beats and clever spits reminiscent of K-OS’s previous hits and Burning Bridges effortlessly combines raw guitar with a sultry female vox to create a booty shaker of a tune.

Sure fire single 4321 will have every head bobbing, as K-OS returns to his hip hop roots, whilst still maintaining a chorus that’ll hook you like no other.

The record falls down on track I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman, by sampling Phantom Planet’s California, and you can’t help but cringe, remembering Mischa Barton and her ever obtruding jaw.

It’s a shame, as K-OS has attempted to turn this indie number into a hip hop club buster, when the song is so well-known it’s bound to fall flat on eager ears.

Dance track Eye Know There’s Something Going On, is K-OS’s attempt at a dance floor filler – electronic vocals, check; pulsating bass, check; sounds just like Black Eyed Peas? check. K-OS is better than sounding like Cheryl Cole’s new bit on the side, so the track only evokes feelings of disapointment.

‘The Aviator’ is a perfect example of just what K-OS can achieve with his talent for mixing his infamous musical cocktail. The exposed drums create an alternative beat whilst the chorus is as catchy as ever.

‘Yes!’ is a let loose album. Anything goes and that might have caused its problems. K-OS manages to hit the nail on the head with some tracks, combining genres from across the musical spectrum but sometimes it sounds too try hard, too ambitious, too flat. It’s important to get the right mix, so we advise K-OS to put a little less rum in his mojito come next album.