HEALTH – Disco 2 review

Posted on 12 August 2010
By Jonny Davis
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Disco 2 begins with the trademark HEALTH sound, a noise (and it is a noise) that recalls a post-apocalyptic world where robots are all that remain – giving you a taste of what’s to come.

Here’s the change. Disco 2 veers off on a tangent almost instantly with USA Boys, the only original track on offer, showcasing a techno dancefloor sound that is a far cry from the abrasive sounds we’ve come to know.

Cfcf’s remix of Before Tigers comes next and chills proceedings right out with a warm electronic reggae groove that is happy to plod along it’s own stoned path. With third track In Heat following a very similar vibe the record begins to sound middle of the road before Tobacco’s mix of Die Slow picks up where USA Boys left off with warm and scuzzy dancefloor beats.

Tobacco joins a plethora of top level artists featured on the disc including Gold Panda, Salem and Crystal Castles, whose mixes are all stunning. The inclusion of these big names certainly helps break the ice for what at first appears to be a – dare I say – bland affair.

First listen offers little to latch onto by way of hook or emotional depth but repeated spins bring to light more and more previously unheard glitches, snaps, pops and ambience making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Disco 2 becomes surprisingly cohesive considering the score of disparate artists involved. All tied together by the original noise from HEALTH they sew their own seeds and somehow end up on similar paths, evoking an 80s disco in a future land.

A wonderful listen that showcases some sublime talent from zeitgeist musicians. A versatile album for those who find the band too much to cope with and yet also for fans who are on a comedown from a HEALTH kick.