Album Review: Melissa Auf Der Maur : Out Of Our Minds (OOOM)

Posted on 3 May 2010
By James Walker
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Canadian rock songstress Melissa Auf Der Maur (MADM) has returned to your eyes, ears and minds with not only a new album, but a whole world of artistic endeavours.

The Out Of Our Minds (OOOM) concept so far involves a 28-minute film, Graphic Comic Book and a full album under the same title.

The Music:

The album (out 3rd May) is an outstanding return to form for MADM and does impressively well to work as both an integral part of the OOOM concept and as a stand-alone album.

Whilst retaining the unique stylings apparent on MADM’s previous self titled debut album, the new offering bursts forth and expands in all directions, consuming and using elements from a whole host of musical influences.

Like a rich, complex and luxurious glass of red, OOOM invites you to take yourself, well, out of your mind and immerse yourself in it as a guest.

MADM explains how OOOM began: “Out Of Our Minds began as my second solo album and eventually turned into my first concept album.”

The 12 track album begins with the frantic and aptly titled track The Hunt as it builds through a chasing drum beat and arrives at a moment of enchanting and ethereal choral vocals.

So as to maintain momentum, the guitars (which sound like strangely pleasant buzz saws) cut in immediately, introducing the title track of the album.

MADM opens with the lyrics “If you’re listening . . . come in.” which seems to be the tag line and ethos to the concept.

The track appears to be offering a philosophy and sets the questions and tone for the album as it mixes catchy beats with artistic vocal sweeps.

Toward the latter side of the album the Kill-Bill-esque Father’s Grave is an engagingly emotive duet, with the legendary Glen Danzig providing a weathered country contrast to MADM’s clean, almost soulful sound.

Ranging from delicate isolated moments to anthmic blasts of rock, this is definitely an album to listen to undisturbed from the confines of your favourite easy chair.

The Movie:

The film sees MADM collaborating with the cinematic talents of director Tony Stone (Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America) to create a 28 minute feature.

There’s no getting around that this is an Art-Film and so may not immediately appeal to a lot of people. However, it’s worth watching as it really does compliment and enrich the OOOM concept.

With slowly expanding zooms, and picturesque landscapes, the cinematography is delicate and rich at the same time.

OOOM follows three time periods / events (involving a Viking heart, a car crash and a bleeding forest.), connected by one element; blood.

The Comic:

Indulging in the artistic skills of Brooklyn artist Jack Forbes, the Limited Edition 12 page OOOM Comic Book adds a further texture to the concept with powerful illustrations in white, black and red palette.

The Whole shebang:

OOOM is a gorgeously deep and expansive offering in a time when music is often too fleeting and transient.

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