Swifties pull out all the stops for Taylor Swift’s final stop in Liverpool on her Eras Tour

Posted on 15 June 2024
By Olivia Beatty
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It’s the third and final day of Taylor Swifts Era Tour in Liverpool and Swifties are not disappointing with their looks.

Fans have spent months planning their outfits for this evening as many are keen to show Taylor their support with their album based looks.

Emily Mee from Stockport was inspired by Taylor’s Reputation album with her black sequin dress from Amazon which she bedazzled with red sequins to replicate the music sensation look this evening as Taylor is set to perform in a black and red snake body suit.

Rach Arrghh designed herself and her friend Chad Lington jackets.

Lington’s jacket was purchased on Vinted and took 10 hours to create as Rach individually hand stitched the patches to replicate the aesthetic of Taylor’s Reputation album.

The pair previously attended the Edinburgh concert where Rach had designed her own Reputation dress and so decided to opt for a more casual look this evening with a Red album theme top and hand stitched Fearless demin jacket. 


Lily Atherton (daisy dress) and Lucy-Jane Sorenson (ivy dress) were inspired by the lyrics of Don’t Blame Me “I was once poison ivy, but now I’m your Daisy.”

The pair spent 7 glue sticks and 5 days in total to create their outfits after over a year of waiting to see Taylor live.

Izzie Nixon travel from Manchester for the first time to see Taylor after adoring her previous Reputation tour.

Izzie handmade over 300 friendship bracelets to share tonight with fans and she excitedly waits to see the pop sensation live.

Ellie and Ellie are dedicated Swifties from Hull who are attending the tour for the second night in a row.

The pair wanted to express their love for the artist as Ellie on the left was inspired from the song “I Bet You Think About me” while Ellie on the right wanted to incorporate both Reputation and Folklore into her look.


Alexandria Pretsell and Adam du plessis have travelled the whole way from Dublin.

Adam opted for an Evermore outfit as he hand painted his jeans with flowers in hopes Taylor will play his favourite surprise song this evening where the she appears on stage with beautifully covered flower piano.

Alexandria on the other hand wanted to recreate the aesthetic of the Folklore album.