Toy Story 3 Review

Posted on 20 July 2010
By Patrick Day-Childs
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Opening with a fast paced train chase, Toy Story 3 gets you hooked from the get-go and by the end of the chase we are reunited with old friends and their star voices.

Having followed the toys owner Andy throughout the years a young audience can relate to the growing pains while an older audience can empathise with the loss of childhood.

The themes of abandonment are rife and for a kids film can be quite dark at times, but this is Pixar we’re talking about, perfectionists when it comes to walking the fine line between innocence and maturity.

Embracing their audience, Pixar includes humour that isn’t just a nod to parents alienating, the kids or vice versa like box office competitor Shrek.

Many of the characters are missing which is a blow to both the long standing fans and new comers thanks to some clever writing from puppet master, John Lasseter who has orchestrated such well developed characters that you can’t help but feel their loss.

Lasseter grips at your heart strings and give them a good tug for this final chapter in a beloved series

For the sceptics of 3D, the whole film is geared toward pushing the story from the screen but don’t expect a train falling tumbling toward you or space ships flying around the cinema.

A little disappointing being as the film titles itself “The film 3D was made for” but on this occasion exceptions can be made.