Don’t Breathe film review – Horror movie of the year

Posted on 1 November 2016
By Chrissie Byrne
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Have you ever watched a horror film and knew what was about to happen? Have you ever yawned half way through because it’s so predictable? Fede Alvarez’s ‘Don’t breathe’ doesn’t do either of those things. It has you on the edge of your seat, squirming with suspense over twists that even the most educated horror buff wouldn’t expect.

Set in Detroit, the film follows three young burglars, Rocky (Jane Levy), Money (Dylan Minette) and Alex (Daniel Zovatto) and their plan to rob a blind veteran (Stephen Lang). First of all, you wonder if these people have any integrity, however, then you realise their victim is blind and answer your own question. Although the blind victim is not as helpless as he seems.

The protagonists want to get out of their dead-end town and rough homes and to California to start fresh new lives. Although with no money, future or opportunities, burgling homes from their perspective and then saving up the money is the only way.

Admittedly the plot is not the most intriguing. But with foreshadowing, in the beginning, becoming not what you expect, the dark undertones and the ever building tension this film is bound to become a popular choice for fans of the home invasion genre.

It is still well produced, and exciting to watch. Unlike other home invasion/horror films, it plays on the fear of the invaders rather than the homeowners. Alvarez implies you should fear what’s waiting for you when you invade into this old, silent, unknown home rather than the homeowner fear you.
What makes Alvarez’s 88-minute-long film so intense, is the twist on the Lang’s character. He is the arguable antagonist.

He is who the trio are fleeing from, he may be blind but he is definitely not weak. It’s as if the loss of his sight has intensified every other sense in his body.

This film is a 15+ rated movie, but it still entwines and grips the audience into the plot how any other horror- home invasion movie can. Through its play on the traditional genre stereotypes its definitely a must see.

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