The Essential Liverpool Bucket List Before You Graduate

Posted on 1 March 2015
By Tom Bibby
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There comes a time in every students University career that they begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and start to take a nostalgic look back at their time in higher education.

Not only do they remember their favourite moments but they begin to realise that there are some things they missed out on.

Purple Revolver have listed some of the essentials that every student should do before they graduate, whether it’s something that enriches the student experience, or something that Liverpool has to offer.

Fresher’s Week

Whether it’s your thing or not, the Fresher’s experience is not one you can miss. During this time Concert Square becomes a hive of activity.

Whereas some cities have the danger of the nightlife losing momentum during the travel from one venue to another, the unique layout of the Square makes for a great atmosphere even outside of the clubs.

Never knowing who you’ll bump into; Concert Square creates a night that’s rarely predictable.

Free Gym

Once the hangover of Fresher’s kicks in, and don’t worry, it will, you’ll want to begin a detox. Whether it lasts a week or a year, the best way to do this is to start at the gym.

Unlike at home the excuse that it’s not financially viable is no longer an excuse. Lifestyles Gym offers free membership for students between 9am and 3pm, 7 days a week. A popular choice for students due to it being well equipped and so close to town, this gym makes for a great way to kill boredom or to help fuel those creative juices needed to finish that monumental and tedious piece of coursework.

The Docks

Possibly one of the main attractions of Liverpool has to be the docks area. Great in the day for a walk around in the sun, the area gives you a real idea of the history and the heritage of Liverpool.

You can soak this up through the maritime architecture and just from a walk down the cobbled promenade, or to gain a deeper knowledge there are walking tours and the Maritime museum.

Night life around this area is also worth a trip down, and although most nights would be more expensive, the circus themed Circo hosts a student night on a Thursday.

Central Library

Not all students get a chance to use the Central Library for their studies, but that shouldn’t stop you from paying it a visit.

Now that it has undergone an extensive internal refurbishment it is even more impressive than ever. With tons of computers and free WiFi there’s chance for you to be able to spend hours reading, studying or even sitting in the café enjoying the view of St. Johns Gardens.

It’s a great way to break up the monotonous library sessions and hours of revision with a change of scenery.

Almost Famous

If there’s one thing you become an expert on at University, apart from your field of study, is how to beat a hangover. Everyone has their own method, but the one thing everyone desires is good guilty pleasure food.

Almost Famous really monopolises this market in Liverpool. With some of the most creative recipes and even more creative artwork, Almost Famous is a great place that you can go and gorge yourself to belt busting levels without the pangs of guilt afterwards for your gluttonous behaviour.

For those braver souls who can face the alcohol again there is a delightful house lager to help wash away the sins of your previous night.

Cavern Club

If you truly want to experience real Liverpool heritage and culture then look no further than the Cavern Club. The birthplace of the legendary Beatles, this area of Matthew Street has turned into an institution of Liverpool.

With tribute acts playing weekly this is a must as a student in Liverpool. Ticket prices are relatively steep so it won’t be a regular night out but it’s certainly worth it for a memorable experience.

TATE Liverpool

If impressionism, artistic expression or just creativity is your thing then look no further than Tate Liverpool.

Hosting exhibitions for some of the most influential artists the world has ever seen. The range of artistic styles and subjects is incredible, not to mention the prestige of some of the works and the artists that created them, such as Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol.

Even if art isn’t really your thing, the venue is free to students and also most likely something that is to anyone and everyone’s tastes.

St. Patrick’s Day

Without a doubt the most popular day of the year in Liverpool. The streets become rivers of green and every pub entrance spills the magical melodies of Irish folk or the rowdy chords of some Boston punk, Paddy’s day creates infectious pageantry and celebration that all are susceptible to.

The one day of the year that every student scrapes every penny they can muster and rises from bed before lunchtime, this spectacular event is one not to be missed and certainly is a day that really exemplifies Liverpool’s vibrant atmosphere.

And this doesn’t end when the day does; there are many special events and Patrick’s day themed nights on to keep the party going for those who can last to the bitter end in true Irish spirit.

There are so many opportunities in Liverpool, with things to do and attractions to see that it’s hard to be able to pick and choose the best.

Hopefully this bucket list will create some inspiration for new and current students in Liverpool for the next time all there is to do is stare at your ceiling, or when every boxset on Netflix has been viewed from start to finish.

Liverpool is a great place to just go out and explore as there is a new experience or opportunity around every corner.