New film 2012 gives a glimpse of the future

Posted on 27 August 2009
By Jack Morgan
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The latest in the line of sci-fi disaster films 2012, is to be released in November. Directed by, Ronald Emmerich who was also the director of The Day After Tomorrow, the film looks set to be a box office smash.

The film was originally slated for a July release but it was moved to October to avoid the packed summer schedule and the studio thought that it would make more money if it were released later.

Not much is known yet about the synopsis or the film itself but a few trailers have been released and a minor summary about how Mayan monks predicted that the year would happen and no-one listened, so now we are paying the price.

The large cast includes John Cusack, Amanda Peet and Danny Glover.

Boasting a budget of $200million the director hopes to get a better rating than the controversial “The Day After Tomorrow”, hopefully due to its more correct synopsis and science.