Review: Vesbim’s The Wall at New Brighton Floral Pavilion

Posted on 9 August 2015
By Chris High
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There are a lot of tribute bands around; some good and some not so much. In the former category with regards to Pink Floyd, obviously Brit and Australian Floyd hit the mark. However Wallasey based Vesbim,who played 2 near-sell out nights at The New Brighton Floral Pavilion over the weekend,on this evidence, slot nicely in between these two standard names, delivering an absolutely stunning representation of Pink Floyd’s seminal 1979 album in its entirety with unabashed brilliance.

The technicalities of The Wall are many fold with its searing lyrics, intricate musicianship and vocals that require all the laryngeal dexterity of rubber bands warmed vigorously by the mid-day sun. In all of these boxes – and with a sound and lighting unit to simply die for – Vesbim can place a big, bold tick and more, as all ten band members troop onto stage beneath a three dimensional, pink coloured titular sign.

Given that the main of the event of the evening is Roger Waters’ rant against authority, it came as something of a surprise that the album – all 29 tracks and 90 minutes worth of it – made up the first half of this three hour long outing. Yet once In The Flesh (Part 1) was struck up, the packed audience knew instinctively knew that they were in for something special and Vesbim duly delivered.

The highlights were many, but stand outs of this section were the passion of Michael Ronson’s vocals on Don’t Leave Me Now, Dave Crilly and Andy Pennington’s magnificent guitar work on Comfortably Numb and the complete perfection of the vocal harmonies of The Show Must Go On will long live in the memory.

As will the audio and lighting effects, which were all crystal clear, with lasers and spots dazzling enough to sear the brain yet subtle and intense enough to evoke the atmosphere of requisite melancholy when the music dictated. This is particularly true during Mother and Run Like Hell, but also later when the band take on Us & Them quite superbly.

As to the second section, which consisted of a further 12 Floyd monoliths, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Time and Money – particularly Ste Riley’s Saxophone break – all had the audience out of their seats, thanks to such polished performances it made the jaw drop, yet it was the vocals of Jade Tremarco on The Great Gig In The Sky that had every man Jack of them screaming their appreciation to the extent where even the band took time out to applaud her stunning contribution to the proceedings.

Indeed, Vesbim were occasionally so good that you might simply close your eyes and imagine that Waters, Gilmour, Mason and Wright had rocked up in New Brighton and there is surely no greater accolade than that.

More than 12 months in the making and with a collection of musicians and vocalists to make the whole of England’s north proud, keep an eye out for when Vesbim’s next project hits the road because, without a shadow of a doubt, this is an ensemble who are surely setting their controls to the heart of illustrious recognition.

Pink Floyd’s The Wall
New Brighton Floral Pavilion
August 8th, 2015
Music / Stage Director: Alan Veste
Producer / Video Director: Phil Bimpson
Lighting: Gareth Owens
Floyd Band: Vic Ronson, Jade Tremarco, Lee Harding, David Crilly, Andy Pennington, Martin Byrne, Toni Hughes, Dave Griffiths, Phil Westwood, Ste Riley
PR Rating: **** Electric
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