King Charles- Deeper love/Freak music video out ahead of his upcoming album Out of my mind- and UK headline tour re-scheduled.

Posted on 4 April 2020
By Milka Cherkezova
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The London based artist- King Charles has recently released a new video for ‘Deeper love/Freak’, songs from his new album ‘Out of my mind’- coming out on 17th of April.

The video begins with track ‘Deeper Love’ which sees Charles waking from the night before in an elated, tipsy state. He’s trapped in a loop, a cycle of events that keep occurring that he can’t break out of as the video then develops into ‘Freak’ and shows Charles in a surreal state as he’s disorientated and the loop continues.

He said:

“I loved putting these two tales into one story via video…it was very cool to work with these guys and bring two different aspects of the album narrative to life”

‘Deeper Love’ is a sensual soul strut, in which Charles’ flamboyant falsetto flies above his new found funk-fuelled groove. It explores modern love in 2019 with the tale of a lothario turned on his head, or a player getting played. “‘Deeper Love’ is about the lothario who’s been stopped in his tracks,”says Charles. “I wanted to aknowledge the power of the female in this situation.”

‘Freak’ has a woozy neo-soul vibe, posessed by a far darker undercurrent… “It’s reflective of my mood and where I was…I was trying to understand what is it to be human, to be an artist, to be a monster. I needed a way to express the pain and that’s the beautiful thing about creativity. It feeds back into you, so you understand more about the things that colour your identity.” says Charles.

The album expresses his journey of recovery to mental and physical health and is a collection of soulful and eclectic songs that portray Charles’ flamboyant personality and showcases a fascinating reinvention of King Charles.

The diverse collection of sounds in‘Out Of My Mind’ span everything from desire to depression. While its topics can be heavy, the album’s most striking strength is its energy.

Charles said “I started exploring a new energy with this record that reflected the changes in how I felt since I wrote my last album. Life was running at a different tempo, and the different cities I found myself in largely contributed to setting a new pace. I wanted to challenge myself as an artist and a singer to see what I was capable of.”

King Charles has spent the last year reconnecting with fans by dropping a series of tracks which push his sound into bold new directions. ‘Out Of My Mind’ will be his third collection of songs after ‘Loveblood’(2012) and ‘Gamble for a Rose’(2016). The tracks give a taste of what to expect from the new album.

Due to the pandemic, his UK headline tour in May had to be post-poned till October, including an extra date in Manchester.

Fans can buy tickets here:

King Charles UK October Tour Dates;

12th – Thekla, Bristol
13th- Castle & Falcon, Birmingham

14th– Junction, Cambridge

15th- Glee Club, Nottingham

16th- Omeara, London

17th- Band on the Wall, Manchester

18th – Hit the North, Newcastle

19th – Classic Grand, Glasgow

‘Out of My Mind’ full album track listing;



Out Of My Mind

Deeper Love

Money Is God

Melancholy Julia


She’s A Freak

Drive All Night
New York Sunrise


Feel These Heavy Times