Game of Thrones storyboard artist gives prediction for new series

Posted on 6 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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An interview with Storyboard artist William Simpson reveals the feel for the new season of Game of Thrones as well as a look back to some of his favourite scenes within the series.

William has been a part of the team for Game of Thrones since the show began and has worked on some of the best-known scenes in the series.

He talks about how every season brings in up to 5 new directors and how he has to learn to work within their patterns in order to create the perfect storyboards.

‘It’s like living a life like Gollum, you’re sort of hidden away from the rest of the world’

He describes how he finds working with the team, enjoying working on scenes that let him stay close to the books and how he enjoys working with characters such as the White Walkers.

In fact one of his favourite scenes that he worked on was the first scene of the show, in which we first see the White Walkers.

He talks about how he was first hired for the show in order to design weaponry including Longclaw and the famous Ice.
He describes the day in which Ice was materialised and the excitement that spread throughout the team.

‘It was just the most amazing thing to see, to see the stuff come to life.’

‘Everybody wanted to have a go at lifting Ice.’

The artists ends on his feelings about the new series, stating that ‘next season is blood, death mayhem, more death and more blood and more mayhem.’

Watch the rest of the interview in order to catch some glimpses of the show’s actual storyboards and to find out more about the work that William has done for the show while he has been on the team.