Delta Maid returns to the spotlight with Better Love

Posted on 17 January 2020
By Khyle Deen
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Her first single in years shows an artist reborn, with a renewed appreciation for her own musical gifts.

When Liverpool’s Delta Maid first emerged in 2010, she seemed destined to be the next big thing. She signed a record deal, toured with nationally prominent artists, and released a well received debut album, but the well oiled music industry machine was a poor fit for an artist so multifaceted.

After struggling to reconcile her artistic integrity with the demands of the business world, she went on hiatus, choosing instead to dedicate herself to writing songs that she truly loved. Now, free from the constraints of the music machine, she is back with a single that shows an artist reborn, bursting with the passion that won her so many fans in the first place.

Katie Foulkes, the woman who is Delta Maid, has a voice that will make people drop whatever they’re doing and listen. When she sings a line like “Now I’m starting to feel like I’m ready to heal from this bitterness,” she does so with such conviction that is impossible not to take her seriously. Cathartic, inspirational, and uplifting, Delta Maid’s reintroduction is a song so soulful it feels like she never even left.

‘Better Love’ is available everywhere January 31, 2020