Comic Con Liverpool meet the artists

Posted on 10 March 2020
By Danielle Wilson
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Comic conventions aren’t just the place to catch a glimpse of a-listers, but a place to discover and support up and coming artists.

Liverpool local and freelance artist, Beth Armstrong had a colourful stall in the middle of the busy convention hall. The illustrator, also known as Cindacry, had a number of different products on her table, from colouring books featuring her favourite creation Ham the Dragonpillar (a caterpillar-dragon hybrid who lives in a bucket!) to earrings with her designs on.

She said: “I studied artwork all through secondary and a-level and then I went to university and studied illustration with animation, specialising in children’s book illustration.

“I sell a range of things, I do a lot of little freelance books, badges, stickers and prints. I’ve started doing earrings and things with charms with my artwork on, so there’s a mix but there’s a general theme of sea life conservation. That’s my unique selling point.

Beth has had an interest in sea life and has adopted through Whale and Dolphin Conservation, a sea life charity based in Scotland, since she was young.

“When I started getting more professional a few years ago, I ended up sending some photos of my work up to them to hopefully get in the magazine, and then they offered me a contract to be an artist and associate. It was a nice full circle since I’ve been adopting through them since I was little.”

Beth donates part of her profits from sales to the trust, who take part in international conservation efforts and host panels to increase awareness.

YourFavouritePlushie was another artist who’s stall was centred in the bustling convention hall. Kirsty Ogden, who has only recently started displaying and selling her work at events was situated right next to Cindacry’s stall.

She said: “I’ve drawn since I was 16 years old, so nearly a full decade now. It’s only recently I have had the courage to put myself out there and put my work online and go to conventions to sell my work.”

Kirsty creates prints, badges and jewellery amongst other items, and said that necklaces were her favourite item to make.

When talking about her creations, she said: “You get to be really creative and follow your passions and I love seeing other people enjoying my work too.

“This is my first major con, my favourite thing is meeting the guests and fellow artists, talking about things we have in common and what we love. It’s been a fantastic experience meeting all these new people.”

Kirsty’s personal favourite design of hers was of 90s cartoon character Jane, from MTV’s Daria. She said that it was one of her most-loved shows growing up.

Check out Kirsty’s work on Instagram @yourfavouriteplushie.