Brad Pitt on Saturday Night Fever, strippers and guns

Posted on 2 March 2013
By Amber May
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The Fight Club star is handy with the steel and grew up with guns in small-town Ohklahoma.

In an interview with James Lipton for Inside the Actor’s Studio the world’s most bankable movie star revealed his love of guns and disco.

Born into an Irish and Native American family, Brad also has German and Seminole blood in his family tree, which may explain his love of weapons.

The A-List star said: “I grew up in Springfield, Missouri, Mark Twain country, home of the outlaw Jesse James.”

“I got my first BB gun in pre-school and my first 12 gauge in kindergarten” the Mr & Mrs Smith star joked.

“I was shooting shit up a year later. I was into sports, girls and shooting things as a kid.”

Saturday Night Fever was the first R-rated movie Brad sneaked into and remains his all-time favourite movie.

On John Travolta’s disco movie smash hit, he said: “It’s still one of my all-time favourites. Not just because I’m a profound dancer.”

On working with strippers, the world’s most bankable star said: “I drove strippers for a while. I collected the girls, drove them to the venue and was responsible for playing the music – on cassette then. I had to catch their clothes and make sure the guys didn’t steal their underwear. I had to collect the money at the end of the night and get out of there alive. It was not always easy.”

Brad had the lucky fortune to find his acting coach through his stripper contacts.

The world’s most wanted actor said: “I found my acting coach from it too. A new girl told me about this class she was taking, it turned out to be Roy London – a beautiful human being. He was my first entry into “the Craft” and making it your own. He taught me to invest in your own experiences and see what you can bring to the table.”