What NOT to wear to your best friend’s wedding

Posted on 14 July 2016
By Carlton Whitfield
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Your friend is getting married! This is such a super exciting time in her life that you should definitely be there to celebrate, but if you aren’t in the bridal party (whether she chose not to have any bridesmaids or only selected a couple of really close ones) it’s important you find the right outfit to wear to the big day.

But there are certain things that shouldn’t be worn to such an occasion. Follow this guide and don’t suffer any scathing looks from the mother-of-the-bride or suffer a wardrobe malfunction halfway through the evening:

1. White
Come on, you should know this by now. No one but the bride wears white at the wedding. Be careful with light coloured dresses too, lilac and blue can look very close to ivory sometimes.

2. Anything that looks like the bridesmaid dresses
If you know the bridesmaids are wearing navy, please don’t turn up in a navy dress. It’s important that no matter how close you are to this friend you don’t look like you are part of the bridal party if you’re not.

3. Jeans
Nope. Leave the denim at home, unless the invite specifically states that you should wear jeans, but that’s highly unlikely.

4. Anything that shows your belly button
Cropped tops are in but if you must wear one ensure it only shows off your midriff and not your innie/outie.

5. A super loud print
There are certain dresses out there that wouldn’t look out of place on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and these are not wedding attire. Leave the leopard print or Hawaiian shirt style print at home. Or in the shop, preferably.

6. Anything neon
It’s a wedding, not a rave.

7. Glitter
Yeah, okay, glitter roots are apparently a ‘thing’ but when are they appropriate? Besides at a music festival – when you’ve drunk one too many plastic cups full of cider and need to go back to your tent to sleep it off – there aren’t many occasions suitable for having them.

8. A tiara
Yes, it might make you feel like a princess but the day is NOT about you.

Things you could wear:

A cute dress
You won’t find it hard to locate cute summer dresses, perfect for a wedding. In fact, most retailers have dedicated wedding guest sections on their sites, so whatever you choose from there you can’t go wrong.

A strong jumpsuit
A wide legged jumpsuit will look amazing at any wedding, when paired with some heels and strong accessories – just try to avoid the super plunging ones! And if it’s backless DO NOT let your bra show.

A pair of smart trousers and a pretty top
You don’t have to wear a dress, a pair of smart trousers and a pretty top will work great for a wedding.