Unique gift ideas for your bridal party

Posted on 12 July 2019
By Carlton Whitfield
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Your wedding day is coming up. You’ve chosen your dress, your flower arrangements, and booked the perfect venue — and don’t forget, the city’s most popular D.J. to play all your favourite songs during the reception. Your honeymoon is booked and paid for.

There’s just one thing you still have left to do: buy gifts for your bridal party and the other important people in your life who have been there with you on your journey toward your special day.

If you’re fresh out of ideas, don’t worry. Read on for some unique gift possibilities that will memorialise your wedding day and remind the special people in your life how much they mean to you.

Embroidered Wedding Handkerchiefs

It’s traditional for a bride to give a linen handkerchief to her mother before the wedding ceremony. These days, that tradition has been expanded to include anyone in the wedding party the bride chooses.

Embroidered wedding handkerchiefs allow brides to create a personalised message for each recipient that includes their name and the date of her wedding. They come in a number of colours and fabrics, so you can easily choose handkerchiefs that coordinate with your bridesmaids’ dresses or your mother’s gown.

Gold or Silver Jewellery

If you want to really let the people close to you know how important they are in your life, jewellery is always a good choice. Fortunately, you can save time by shopping online, making it easy to find the perfect pieces for everyone your list, whether they love delicate drop earrings, chunky chain bracelets or iced out grillz.

Customised Holiday Tree Ornaments

Most people who celebrate Christmas decorate a Christmas tree every year. Why not give the special people in your life a holiday tree ornament that’s been personalized for your wedding? Your family and friends will remember you and how lovely your wedding day was every year when they decorate their tree.

A Personalized Jewellery Travel Case

Your bridesmaids will think of you every time they pack for a business trip or vacation when you give them a personalised jewellery travel case. These elegant jewellery cases help keep earrings and necklaces from getting lost or damaged, are available in fabric or leather, and can be embossed with your bridesmaids’ initials.

A Handwriting Bracelet

A perfect gift for your bridesmaids, best friend, sister, mother or future mother-in-law, a handwriting bracelet features a word or phrase in your own handwriting turned into unique silver or gold jewellery. You can write anything you want, or create a piece of jewellery from the signature or handwriting of a loved one who is no longer with you. It’s hard to think of a more distinctive or meaningful gift.

An Engraved Wrist Watch or Pocket Watch

Mothers and mothers-in-law get a lot of attention at weddings, but it’s important to remember dads, too. An engraved wrist watch or pocket watch makes a great gift for the important men in your life.

Your father or father-in-law will remember your special day every time he gets dressed for a special occasion. Not only are they elegant, quality watches come in many styles and are sure to be passed down from one generation to the next.

A Personalized Picture Frame

All parents treasure photos of their children, and that’s doubly true of their children’s wedding photos. An elegant personalized frame with a wedding or engagement photo of you and your new spouse, or a photo of your entire family together, makes a perfect gift for parents of the bride or groom, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings. Frames come in many styles, so you can choose frames to match the recipients’ personal tastes and decor.

Meaningful Glassware

People drink from glasses every day, so why not give them a set of stylish, personalized wine, beer, whiskey or Champagne glasses that will look great in their home and help remind them of your wedding day? Personalization options are endless and most vendors will even ship your glasses order for you so you won’t have to worry about them breaking on the way to your rehearsal dinner or ceremony.

A Custom Illustration

Even if you moved away from the place your grew up years ago, a custom illustration of the house you grew up in, an iconic location in your hometown, a beloved family pet, your family’s place of worship, or the high school or college you graduated from makes a great gift for parents, siblings, grandparents and friends.

Many artists offer this service online and can work from photographs you provide. Illustrations can also be customised to include information such as town and pet names, addresses, dates, and special phrases.