Transform your hair with Metquarter Liverpool Sassoon Blow & Style menu

Posted on 3 February 2015
By Angela Johnson
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Kick-start your New Year hair resolutions and transform your hair look with Sassoon, at Metquarter Liverpool. The new Blow & Style menu of salon services is no quick blow bar fix – Sassoon’s expertly trained team can now offer blow-drying and styling services designed to either subtly enhance or totally transform.

Choose from an extensive blow dry menu that ranges from Signature Sassoon, straight and sleek, the VIP gloss of the Voluminous to the relaxed and easy elegance of the Dishevelled. If you opt for the Beach, the result will be a head of natural tousled waves; if you prefer a more defined curl try the Curly Wave.

The Sassoon style menu offers head-turning styling with a selection of versatile braids, waves and ponies for mid length and longer hair. The undone fishtail Braid adds a touch of youthful insouciance; the polished gloss of the Sleek Pony speaks executive chic and the Dressed Wave is perfect finishing detail for your own premium red carpet look. The Blow & Style menu includes consultation, shampoo, massage and conditioner. Perhaps you have found that the winter months have wreaked havoc with your hair, in which case you need fast-acting solutions guaranteed to revitalise your hair and keep it in check.

Sassoon Salon Liverpool Creative Director, Nathan Bruce commented: “For most of us, the New Year is all about change and new beginnings. If your hair isn’t quite the glossy, lustrously shiny mane you wish for, a good regime, regular cuts and frequent treatments will help to get it on track. There are just a few simple rules to starting off on the right foot to tame your tresses and beautify dry, winter damaged hair.”

Tips: Start with the basics…

Treat hair like skin
The cold weather can leave your hair feeling dry, brittle and lifeless and it is vital to ‘replenish and retain’ moisture. A weekly deep conditioning treatment is essential, especially as hair loses vitality over the years. Dry hair does not reflect shine and will feel static and dull. A super moisturising treatment will add elasticity, manageability and shine, penetrating deep into the hair’s cortex and injecting a rush of moisture, whilst smoothing the cuticle.

Be kind to your hair
If you do need to reach for the styling tools, use a heat protector before blow-drying and apply a serum before using straightening irons.
Both products will protect the hair from the heat as well as shielding hair from the harsh winter elements whilst giving you that all-important glamorous finish.

Break habits not hair
Hair is most prone to breakage when wet, so brushing it through after a shower is bad news! Instead, comb through with a wide-toothed comb while your hair is coated in your favourite conditioner or repair mask. Avoid shampooing hair in hot water, as the heat can damage and dry the hair. Use warm water and then a cool rinse as this will add extra shine whilst locking in vital moisture.
Quick tip: For a glossy sheen to enhance the healthiness of your hair, run a straightener through your tresses, and then apply a fine mist shine-enhancing spray all over. Follow this with a quick blast from your hairdryer to lock in the gloss.

Revive faded colour
It’s not just the condition of your hair that can suffer the effects of the party season. Colour takes a hit, too. To maintain your colour as long as possible use a shampoo and conditioner that will lock in colour longer and leave your hair glossy and beautifully lustrous.

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