The H&M/ Kenzo Collaboration everybody has been talking about

Posted on 31 July 2016
By Stacey Dutton
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It was only a matter of months ago that there was still a tremendous hype for the Balmain/H&M collaboration , and now that it has died down, which brought the likes of the Kardashians and various other models promoting the collection, here comes a new hysteria driver….. the Kenzo Collaboration.

The collection will be launching worldwide in selected stores and online on November 3, which will feature clothes and accessories for both men and women.

The Kenzo Creative Directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim spoke to H&M Magazine on the idea: “We’re the latest in a line of a lot of incredible people. We were like, we’re in great company!”

The duo have started out together when they both finished school and headed to New York within 6 months of each other and shortly after came up with the idea of Opening Ceremony. Since creating a huge buzz around the brand and turning it into an international succession, Kenzo approached them and the rest is history.

Since Leon and Lim have managed to make the youth of the world know who THAT brand is who decided to embroider a tiger face onto a sweatshirt, the marketing around the Kenzo brand flourished.

Kenzo alone has made a huge impression on the fashion world since Kenzo Takada launched the label in Paris in 1970 and it still now to this day is bursting with colour and creating new ways for women to dress.

Now that H&M have sealed the deal and the fashion world is anticipating another huge line, which again could send all of our internet pages crashing just like the Balmain hype did, we are extremely excited at what can come of the duos pioneering ideas of fashion.

Even just a glimpse of this collection in the sneak peak posts on the H&M Instagram, gives you an insight into what’s expected from this Collab, and the fashion icon tiger face of Kenzo seems to still be a muse for their choices.

The collection is already showing signs of the tiger print across both gender styles and we cannot get enough!

Find the styles in our images which feature just three of the desirable new designs, making the wait till November seem far too long till we can get our hands on them.

Look 1: Amy Sall (New York-based student and activist) and Juliana Huxtable (a New York-based artist, poet and DJ) both wear tiger-printed jersey roll-neck tops and matching high-waisted leggings along with long black leather gloves with pink logo rubber print and jacquard knitted tiger-sock shaft boots.

Look 2: Isamaya Ffrench (makeup artist and part of the London-based collective Theo Adams Company) wears an oversized leather jacket with pink faux shearling lining, with a matching tiger print jersey roll neck top and high-waisted leggings.

Look 3: LOOK 3: Oko Ebombo (Paris-based artist and frontman in the band 19) wears a parka with removable printed collar, block colour tiger-print jeans, plus padded flip-flops with tabi socks. Oko also wears a tiger-printed cap with attached scarf, a printed woven scarf and the tiger-printed cross-body bag.