Spring 2022 fashion trends UK – our guide to what to wear as the sun emerges

Posted on 20 January 2022
By Tess Penman
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As the end of winter grows nearer, the beginning of spring is welcomed with open arms. A new season means a new wardrobe. SO, scroll on to discover the must-haves for spring.

1. Low rise mini skirts

Is the high-rise era gone forever? They may have raised a generation, but nothing lasts forever. If we know anything about fashion trends, it’s that they come back around eventually.

2022 is the return of the iconic 00’s low rise. New York and Paris Fashion Week highlighted this as the most prestigious brands showcased their Spring ’22 collection. The smaller the skirt and the lower it rests on the waist, the better.

2. Pleated skirts

While the low-rise skirts are the IT mini skirt to have this season, the pleated skirt is the most wanted midi.

Pair it with oversized turtleneck jumpers for the chilly March breeze or a cropped tank top for the warmer April nights. You can’t go wrong; dress it up or dress it down, a pleated midi skirt has a use for every occasion!

3. Sheer shirts

Flesh is fashion this spring! A sheer shirt isn’t essential for keeping you warm, but it is essential for the aesthetic and that’s more important, right?

There are fast fashion dupes of the high fashion staples, so you don’t have to break the bank for this. ASOS and PrettyLittleThing have plenty of variety, so don’t limit yourself to just one.

4. Blazers

The schoolkid look is one of the most common styles for spring this year and while you may love a warm plaid sweatshirt with knee high socks, an oversized blazer is what will complete the look.

Boyfriend office-wear blazers can be paired with knee high boots to dress up the style. Check out Missguided and ASOS for cheaper alternatives.

5. Neon colours

Usually, bright colours are reserved for summer and spring embraces the pastel colours, not this spring though. This is the year of colour and every runway is popping with it so why don’t you? Extra fashion points if you embrace the neon yellow or hot pink.

Jackets are the easiest way to get away with pulling off a bright colour, in case this is your first rodeo. Refer to my last point and do yourself a favour and buy that bright blazer.

6. Gingham

The IT print for this spring is gingham and the celebrities are already loving it. Gone are the days for thinking gingham is just for a cute picnic.

Fashion brands, small and big, are splashing this print on everything; co-ords, bucket hats, collar dresses. Zara and Shein are the go-to affordable options if gingham tickles your fancy.

7. Crochet

If you prefer hippie chic, crochet is your new best friend for this spring. This is the must have material needed in every girl’s suitcase. Halter tops and cami tops are the most ideal if you plan to jet away to a hotter climate. Shop Zara for this look.

8. Outerwear bras

Who knew underwear could be worn in public? As I previously stated, sheer tops are one of the staple looks for this spring and a minimalistic look which bares a lot of skin calls for a bra.

Exposing the stomach is one of the common denominators in many of the spring trends so a bra will blend in with a boyfriend blazer or a pleated midi skirt. It is a simple piece that can make any outfit fashionable. Primark’s bralettes start at just £5.

9. Platforms

Last year’s Versace platforms had the internet in a chokehold. Now, several dupes are making it affordable for the public to incorporate chunky platforms into their everyday looks.

Once again, this is the season of colour so bright colours, like the beloved Versace, are what the high fashion brands are showcasing, however, more subtle colours are widely available.

Complete the look by pairing the platforms with tights and a mini skirt. ASOS and Public Desire have the closest dupes to Versace’s iconic platform.

10. Catsuits

The return of catsuits is one of the surprises of this fashion season. It is a modest stylistic choice which oozes class. Just because most fashion trends encourage you to show your skin does not mean you are obliged to.

A catsuit is perfect for the ladies who prefer a simpler, more comfortable look. All fast fashion brands will advertise catsuits under their ‘jumpsuit’ section.