Rules for getting the perfect winter coat at Zara

Posted on 2 October 2017
By Leona Stewart
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If you know anything about high street fashion, you know that that Zara is the place to go and always gets it right when it comes to winter coats.

The problem is every girl and their dog is trying to get their mitts on the “perfect coat” for winter.

So here are some tips to make sure you get the coat, shoes or outfit that you’e dreamt about from Zara:

1. If you see something you like Get it!

This is the first and possibly most important rule. Like I said everyone (especially in Liverpool) shops in Zara. So when you see something you like and the voice in your head says “Do I really need another coat?” the answer every time is YES. If by any chance the voice in your head says no to getting the coat, there will be a 100% guarantee that you’ll regret your choice, when it’s sold out and and you get a glimpse of a girl walking past you looking like a catwalk model wearing it. Don’t put your self through the pain.

2. Be sceptical of the online store

Zara’s online store is like another shop altogether. It's hard to navigate and everything is worn by stick thin, 6 foot models which sort of distort what items look like on. Although if you’re shopping for shoes or bags its fine. If you do happen to see a coat you like online, wait until you see it in store and then get it before anyone else can which leads on to our final rule..

3. Don’t tell anyone where you got it from

Ahhh, the all too familiar scenario of a girl complementing your clothing and then asking where you got it from, is a bitter sweet feeling. Im all for helping a girl out but you almost feel their complement was all just a ploy to find out where your perfect coat is from and get it for themselves.

My advice is at all costs do not tell them. Tell them your PIN number, your account number and sort code over telling them your coat is from Zara.The solution is simple, make up where you got it from. You may think I’m being very touchy about this point but trust me, the feeling of loving your coat will soon fade when you see everyone else wearing it. You won’t want to wear it at all, and all of your efforts to find it will be undone.