Review: Ladies cut and colour at Hooka Button Street salon, Liverpool

Posted on 26 June 2013
By Angela Johnson
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Allow yourself to be reeled in to one of Liverpool’s Hooka hair salons where the dedicated team ensure your experience is enjoyable through every step of your pampering. Music is played at a pleasant volume and, while there’s a busy bustle around you, staff are attentive, keen to check you’ve always got a drink in hand or a magazine to browse.

Vibrant hairstyles donned by the stylists ooze an effortless sense of fashion, complementing the sleek decor in the salon – cool black leather chairs and clean white lines.

This was my first visit to the Button Street salon, the other located at the top end of town (Wood Street), nestled amongst Beatles memorabilia and WAG hot-spots in The Cavern Walks, the salon provided a comparatively calm atmosphere as I relaxed into my leather chair on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

Booked in with friendly Director Leo Tambourine, his clear expertise put me at ease as we talked through a colour and style consultation. My hair had been neglected, ashamedly, for the past 6 months so the split ends were begging a good trim. The previous brown out-of-a-bottle colour had faded and the condition felt dry as a bone. Hopeless when it comes to daring decisions about my bonce, I asked Leo to restore my natural deep brunette colour as much as possible and inject some life back into my flat style with some layers, and perhaps some shaping at the front. Leo listened attentively and turned my mish-mash of instructions into something coherent which was reassuring, there is nothing like the rising panic to unsettle you when unsure the stylist has grasped your meaning!

Far from it, Leo clearly explained the products used at Hooka – L’oreal’s Professional range – and the colour choice he was making for me – a slightly darker chocolate brown at the root of the hair which would blend into a rich mahogany finish at the tip.

Billed as ‘the hair colour of the future’ L’oreal’s INOA (which stands for innovative no ammonia) is said to take hair back to its virgin state in just 10 applications. With no ammonia, no odour, optimised scalp comfort and an oil based system the colour would actually put an end to the brittle dry condition my hair had descended into. A colour that is kind to your hair? I couldn’t wait for Leo to get started.

It’s undeniable that the product feels great in its application, there was no unpleasant smell and the 40 minute wait flew by without any discomfort. (Note – If you have not had colour at Hooka before you must visit the salon 48 hours before your appointment for a patch test.)

Washing my hair with L’oreal Professional’s Mythic Oil range, Leo again talked me through the virtues of the products in bringing my hair back into balance. As the water ran the colour from my hair, Leo encouraged me to feel how soft my hair was even before applying conditioner, it was amazing to feel the difference in condition already. Also, I thoroughly recommend you take up the offer of a head massage during the application of conditioner – bliss!

Seated back in front of the mirror I could already see that the dark chocolate colour had taken well, and I marveled at Leo as he set to seemingly effortless work with his scissors, snipping away the shameful signs of neglect! As the cut took shape I found it reminiscent of the ‘Rachel cut’ from Friends – a modern-day version – which allows my hair to be blow-dried into sleek straight layers or, when I want my natural curl to take over, the layers would twist neatly into place.

Unaware of the passage of time once you’re in the hands of Leo, as my fancy bouncy blow dry neared completion I glanced my phone – nearly three hours had ticked by! Losing track of time and space was exactly the therapy I needed as well as a saviour for my hair.

Thrilled with the colour, my hair was enriched, shiny, soft and velvety to the touch. I was so pleased I purchased the L’oreal professional ‘Mythic Oil’ treatment along with the shampoo and conditioner. Now two weeks on, I can attest to the fact my hair has remained silky smooth and shiny, although be warned if your hair leans towards turning greasy do not apply this oil-based product at the root.

Leaving the salon with a spring in my step and a smile on my face, I have vowed not to mis-treat my hair again. Well and truly hooked by Hooka, I’ll most certainly be returning and, to any students reading, it’s worth noting there’s 20% discount for NHS card holders.

Director’s Ladies’ cut (£48.40) with all over permanent head colour. (£41.50) and a £5 re-style.

Visit for full pricing details / to book your appointment.