Pastel/ Bright Hair Colours- Whats the Verdict?

Posted on 8 July 2016
By Stacey Dutton
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It is undoubtedly more acceptable now for people being able to enjoy exploring the masses of variations in hair colours these days, with the help of many celebrity endorsements making it such a huge market.

There are even many popular brands in the spotlight which have created specific lines of vibrant colours due to the high demand of the ever increasing craze for the likes of rainbow/pastel/bright hair colours.

The likes of celebrities such as Katy Perry, Nicole Ritchie and Lady Gaga have paved the way for a niche market growing from strength to strength and our verdict is…… we love it!

From pastel pinks light and subtle candyfloss shades, to flamboyant bright full heads of Lagoonesque shades of blue and vibrant greens.

Here we have pieced together some of our favourite celebrity styles which have made the industry probably more susceptible to the acceptance of people wanting to diversify their look and be an individual.

When there are many different ways of getting a desired colour from clip in extensions, wash out colours and hair chalks, the accessibility of these products has grown dramatically and there are now more colour expert hairdressers than ever!