No Holding Back: Saint West Memes Going Viral Already

Posted on 25 April 2016
By Carlton Whitfield
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Saint West, the latest addition to the Kardashian-West tribe, was finally introduced to the world a few weeks back via proud mum’s Kim Kardashian’s site. Looking cute in his little white sleep suit, Kim and Kanye’s baby son was sleeping peacefully and resting his arms above his head in the shot.

After months of keeping the public in suspense about the newborn – which is surprising given the amount of pictures mom Kim shares on her social media profiles every day – the West family were predictably overrun with likes, messages, shares and retweets after all was revealed on Kim’s exclusive app.

Capturing the photo of her first baby boy, a sentimental Kim said that it was her father’s birthday and that there was nothing that he would love more than being able to meet his precious grandchildren.

And the Memes Begin…

It seems that you can’t even have a peaceful babyhood in this world, at least not when you’re a member of the Kardashian/West clan. Since the photo was uploaded online, the memes and hilarious pics have been coming in thick and fast.

Many compared the picture of baby Saint to his dad Kanye, with users searching far and wide to find any pictures of the rap star with his arms in the air. Yep, there have been plenty of Saint/Kanye comparisons already, and the poor kid is only a few months old.

Let’s Not Forget North

Along with comparisons with dad, there have been plenty of memes based on two-year old North. With the fashionista two-year old being overshadowed by the arrival of her new baby brother, memes are being submitted from far and wide to depict just how much this must be getting to her (like she knows!).

Some of the best so far are pictures of Nori throwing a tantrum or crying, with the caption ‘When people are saying that your baby brother is cuter than you’ – it’s a hard life, being a Kardashian-West kid, after all.

Millionaire Baby

Well, this one is pretty obvious. One of the most popular memes doing the round is a copy of the original photo, captioned ‘When you remember you’re Kim Kardashian’s baby and you were born a millionaire’. Yup, Saint probably had a six-figure savings account before he’d even developed his hands and feet.

As parents go he definitely hit the jackpot, although he’ll have to put up with his mom taking an excess of fifty-three selfies an hour, more if she has her special selfie light.

Roller Coasters, Dance Moves

Along with the regular stuff, there’s also been some meme creators getting, well, extra creative. From Saint West on a roller coaster (but too scared to open his eyes) and his body being Photoshopped onto different pairs of legs for ‘Saint West’s moves’, there are plenty of entertaining pics to go around at the expense of this poor child. Guess that’s just social media for you!

Give the poor kid a break, he’s not even started eating solids yet and he’s an internet sensation.