Lyndsey Scott – The living and breathing geek chic

Posted on 2 October 2014
By Amy Shaw
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There is a pre conceived notion that to be a model must mean that you are without brains – ‘brains or beauty’ as the saying goes. This has however been smashed by the beautiful and intelligent Lyndsey Scott who is not only a successful model, but a woman keenly interested in computer coding.

Lyndsey’s passion for coding has been applied to her career, with the 29 year old now being head of an Apple-approved app empire. Apps developed by Scott include iPort, a portfolio app which was created initially for models but is now being used by varied professionals across the globe.

Code Made Cool is an app that encourages young women to take an interest into coding. Another example of Scott’s apps includes Matchmaker which is a social networking app for ‘love, friendship or business.’

After acquiring herself a dual degree in computer science and theatre at Amherst in Massachusetts, Lyndsey went against her parent’s wishes to immediately pursue coding, and found herself eagerly applying to modelling agencies.

It took more than a few knockbacks before the young New Yorker landed her first modelling job, but it was surely worth the wait, as she received an unexpected call from Calvin Klein.

Scott says ‘At the time any job would’ve been great, so this was a huge shock to the system. I pinched myself for months’.

Shortly after the deal was signed with Calvin Klein, she booked for an extravagant catwalk show with underwear giants Victoria’s Secret.

As much as Lyndsey loves to model, she admits that as she approaches her 30th birthday her modelling career is used to fund her app businesses and to raise her profile.

Although she is living an extremely successful lifestyle doing what she loves to do, the combination of modelling and computer science does not come without its downfalls. She has received a fair amount of what could be called abuse online, which refers to her appearance.

One user wrote ‘Make yourself a hot chick in your profile picture and you’ll get more views.’

Despite the odd negative comment, Lyndsey’s career, company and reputation continues to build from strength to strength.