Kim Kardashian employs selfie editor – social media gone mad

Posted on 3 August 2014
By Amy Shaw
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Just as you thought the modern obsession with social media couldn’t be any more ridiculous, Kim Kardashian has employed herself a ‘selfie editor’.

Ever since the ‘accidental’ leak of her infamous sex tape back in 2007, Kim and her famous behind has been placed firmly in the spotlight.

This frenzied media attention has led to the reality star feeling indebted to her adoring fans, something she deals with by posting daily pictures of her perfectly preened face on Instagram.

Clearly the pressure of looking beautiful everyday has become too much for Kimmy-K which is where the typically LA career option of ‘selfie editor’ steps in.

As the brunette beauty has been quoted saying that posting her daily selfie is ‘the purpose of life’, this job position appears at the higher end of the pressure scale.

Job roles include taking great care and time over what filter to use on the images, and ensuring witty yet sophisticated captions are created to accompany them (not a spelling mistake in sight!).

The news will surely come as a pleasant surprise to her loyal bunch of Instagram followers, 16 million of them, no less.