How to Mix High End, Fast Fashion and Unique Pieces to Create Your Own Summer Look

Posted on 19 July 2019
By Carlton Whitfield
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Summer is definitely upon us, and with it come some great opportunities to show off your own unique fashion style. People tend to be out and about more in summer, and you won’t be covering up all of your favourite fashion finds with big coats and hoodies, so it can be one of the most fun seasons for experimenting with eye-catching new outfits and trends.

Summer also tends to welcome a kind of ‘anything goes’ when it comes to palettes, with tropical bright colours just as wearable as pastels and pale neutrals, and white also a great option.

So, with the rest of the summer still to go, you have lots of opportunities to put together great outfits, and follow the season’s hot trends. However, investing in high-end designer goods can feel like overkill when many of the things you most want to wear may just be seasonal purchases.

Equally, buying all of your summer looks from fast fashion retailers instead can make you feel a little like you look just the same as everybody else, and like something of a slave to the trends.

You can buy handmade or vintage pieces that are unique, but then, it is a lot of work to actually put together an entire wardrobe that way, when usually for these types of things you are relying on lucky finds.

The answer is of course to wear a mixture of things from different sources, allowing you to add some unique flair, some fashion savvy designer pieces, and some cheap and cheerful fast fashion all in a combination that only you will be wearing, but how does one actually set about doing this?

Which pieces should you be spending high-end prices on, and which should you buy one of in every colour from H&M? Here, we give you some ideas.

Go High End with Shoes, Bags, and Other Everyday Accessories

If you are wanting to add expensive pieces to your summer clothing roster, then it is best to make sure that the items you choose are the things you’ll be wearing most of the time, allowing you to get the most impact out of them by mixing them with all of your other things to create different complete looks.

A very good choice can be high end sneakers. Most people notice shoes, so people will definitely see the taste you put into picking them out, but there is also nothing unusual about wearing the same shoes a lot of the time.

And which shoes do people tend to wear the most? Sneakers are great for summer because they are comfortable when you are hanging out outdoors for things like BBQs, you can be active in them, and they pair well with almost anything except really glitzy evening wear.

Even floaty sundresses can work with a nice pair of designer sneakers this season. For some of the hottest luxury footwear looks for this summer, take inspiration from the high end online retailer SSENSE, who have a fantastic range that includes the latest sports shoes from Gucci, and some beautiful, on trend Balenciaga sneakers perfect for summer 2019.

Bags, like shoes, can be another place where it is worth the investment to buy something luxurious. It will last longer, be more practical, and add that designer touch to everything else you wear. You can apply the same thinking to other things that you wear every day, or most days during summer, such as sunglasses, and hats if they are part of your usual style.

Fast Fashion is Best for those Trend Pieces

You may want a wide choice of pretty summer dresses, cute, bold tees, jean shorts and skirts to mix and match through the summer months, and this is where fast fashion stores can be the best option. Sure, you can splash out on expensive branded tees, and if you fall in love with a design, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you just want a bright purple shirt you might wear for a few weeks while the color is in and then forget about forever, then fast fashion shops have you covered.

Unique Accessories

You can also find some cool dresses and shirts that you can include in your rotation from second hand stores or from people who hand make or up-cycle clothes on sites like Etsy. If you see something you love, it is easy to mix these items in with your branded items to create an interesting look all of your own.

However, the easiest way to add vintage or homemade items is with accessories, as you won’t need to worry about finding them in the right size when you are scouring markets for them or when only one has been made, and you can add them to lots of different outfits.

Earrings, statement necklaces and scarves, along with beach accessories like beach bags and sarongs, can be great things to buy from home designers or even make yourself.

Using these ideas, it is easy to put together almost infinite unique combinations of pieces this summer and get the best of wearing fast fashion, designer labels and special, one of a kind items!