Free Dating Sites: Do They Really Exist?

Posted on 15 August 2018
By Carlton Whitfield
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OK, so you came across the word “free” tagged along with your need or demand online and you’re tempted to ask, “does free actually mean free?”
That’s no weird question at all but as a matter of fact a very logical one especially when it comes to dating sites.

So, we can say the question wandering through your mind, word for word is, “if free online dating sites really exist?”
Read on to find out!

Frankly, the answer to your very pertinent question is, a capital YES! With a very good number to prove that.
You probably don’t know that out of the estimated 5000 digital dating sites, a vast population of them are actually free of any charges even with “premium features” to go along.

You mind a list of such sites? Of course, you don’t! After all, seeing is believing. There you go;

1. Quickflirt
Flirting sure comes quicker with Quickflirt, a free online dating site which cuts across any part of this world.
With a wide array of choices, it’s hard not to have your needs met quite swiftly.
Wondering what you have to do? Simply sign up at zero cost. That’s all!

2. Plenty of Fish
One of the foremost free dating sites online is the website and app, Plenty of Fish with more visits than any other online dating site.
The number of singles revealed to login on a daily basis is estimated to be 35,000,000. And even better with 9,000,000 conversations every day.
As far as your demands are within the boundary of casual hookups and long-term relationship goals, all you have to do is just fill up the search space in the website or app and needless to say, you’re with the date of your choice.
Need I remind you, this is luxury at no cost. Just as you want it!

3. Pure
As the tagline reads “Problems are for therapist. Pure is for fun.” That’s exactly how it goes on in there.
If you’re in for the amorous passions and flings, Pure is the go-to site and app as it guarantees your privacy to the utmost by auto deleting your profile at a maximum of one hour, which means you have to be conscious of your time while chatting up your date.
However, you can easily restore it if you choose to. So, how else would you have it? It’s all about the fun as it is all about your privacy too.
And of course, it’s free!

Making accessibility much easier for Americans and to Americans, comes to mind. It is specifically a 100% United States Free Dating Service.
What that means is that, United states men and women need not look anywhere else save this dating site as there are countless people from the American origin to choose from in there. It also means you can have a date mate in America irrespective of your location as Pakistan and Zimbabwe are also listed as a country of origin in the home page.
With that said, you’re only a click away from an American date mate.
The last but not the least as it pleases us to suggest to you is;

5. Live Date
Whether you are looking to find love, romance, friendship, or marriage in Australia, U.K, Russia, Canada, U.S.A, Live Date is the website to go as it provides plenty of such calibers.
What’s more interesting here is that, the unique site provides numerous useful relationship advice and helpful articles for users. So, you can count on it to meet the emotionally intelligent dates of your choice.
However, the only restriction to this free site is the age factor as users must be at least 18 in order to sign up or make use of the site’s content.
As an adult, you need not think twice where else to go but here!

Having answered your question, you now have at your finger tip, more than enough evidence of online dating sites that you can count on to be free.
However, it shouldn’t end there from us to you, as it’s only fair that you know what you should know about these free sites.
Since, free is the attractive word, free might just be the detrimental factor too. And here’s why;

i. Presence of Scammers on These Sites
First off, how do you think humans react to free stuffs?
Abuse might ring a bell! Historically, that isn’t an exception when it comes to this free gift of love as the online dating world has been polluted with toxic scammers from all over the globe.

You’re more exposed to this menace compared to users who subscribe to have a date because there are more enforced precautions taken to ensure that the money paid by subscribers yield good dividends hence, overcrowding is not a phenomenon on subscribed sites.
So, here’s what to do, be guided and be at alert. Get a standard, do not be quick to give. Once a date tells tales or makes demand around your money, be quick to run fast else, it turns sour for no one else but you.

ii. No Guarantee That Your Date Might Take You Serious
Since, it’s free to get in and have a date in these sites, a lot of unserious users aren’t difficult to come by especially because no one moves on faster than the person who never invested in a service.

Sadly, there isn’t so much to do to prevent this one from taking its course. However, still be guided!
Now you know these sites exist but not without their pros and cons.